Serving Communities

Serving Communities (NAD) ACS Outreach Ministries AY Honor


Category: Community Services / Outreach Ministries
Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2009
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Originating Institution:  NAD


1. Read the following Bible texts and explain what they teach about the role God expects each Christian to play in meeting the needs of the poor and suffering in the community:

a. Luke 10:25-37
b. Matthew 25:31-46

2. Read Chapter 54 (entitled “The Good Samaritan”) from The Desire of Ages by Ellen White and write a list of five key points in the chapter.

3. Explain to your instructor the following:

a. What is the name of the Adventist organization in your country that serves those in need? What kinds of services does it provide?
b. What is the name of the Adventist organization that serves those in need outside of the United States, Canada, and Bermuda? What kinds of services does it provide?

4. What do the letters ADRA stand for? Give a brief explanation of each word represented, and explain the difference between “development” and “relief”.

5. What items are usually included in a personal hygiene kit?

6. Assemble a personal hygiene kit and donate it to Adventist Community Services, ADRA Canada, or a homeless shelter.

7. Meet with the Adventist Community Services (in the United States and Bermuda) or ADRA Canada (in Canada) leader in your area and ask about projects that your Pathfinder unit or class might be able to accomplish that would help meet needs in your community.

Alternate Requirement: Ask an Adventist Community Service or ADRA Canada leader in your area to make a presentation to your Pathfinder Club or Unit which would include giving suggestions of how youth could help meet needs in your community.

8. Plan a community service project with your Pathfinder unit or class and complete it.

9. Complete at least 4 hours of volunteer service, including both time invested in the project mentioned in requirement number eight and time donated to other community services activities.