Skill Level:  2

Original Honor:  1961
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AdventSource Catalog: Patch Order (must have approved order login) (link from AdventSource) Article/Answer Key 
Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Make a list of the materials and equipment used in making small castings in plastic molds.

2. Know how to clean and properly take care of plastic molds.

3. What safety precautions should be used when working with plastics?

4. Tell how to mix resin for casting and colored layers.

5. Why are the following used?

a. Catalyst

b. Surface hardener

c. Pigments

6. What is meant by polymerization?

7. Prepare and embed two nature items suitable for embedding. Nature items may be embedded in one or more castings.


8. Make three castings with at least one item embedded in each casting.