1.      List 25 culinary herbs and their uses.
2.      List 25 medicinal herbs and their uses.
3.      Cook one dish using herbs.
4.      Make one of the following herbal products:
a.       Cream
b.      Herb pillow
c.       Jam
d.      Soap
e.       Paper
5.      Make one batch of potpourri.
6.      Make one pomander.
7.      Name and identify 5 herbs growing wild near you.
8.      Name 5 herbs you can use for dying and state the color they give.
9.      Name 5 herbs that can be used in insect control.
10. Grow 5 culinary herbs for 3 months.
11. Name 5 herb plants that particularly attract bees.
12. Name 5 herbs mentioned in the Bible and give the Bible references for them.

Level: 2