Small Fruit Growing

Small Fruit Growing

Category: Outdoor Industries

Level: Level 2

Year Introduced: 1986

Item Number: YOU6361

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.           Select 4 different small fruits grown in your area such as strawberries, grapes, raspberries, lingonberries, etc. and determine the soil requirements for each.
2.           Write a one page report telling how to grow one of the fruits selected above. Include the following:
a.            Variety selection
b.           Soil preparation
c.            Planting techniques
d.            Fertilizing
e.            Pruning
f.            Watering
g.            Pest control
h.            Harvesting
3.           Name several varieties of each fruit that will grow well in your area.
4.           Properly prune at least 2 bushes or vines of small fruits in the family garden or for a friend or neighbor.
5.           What is a perishable crop?
6.           How long can the fruits mentioned in requirement #1 be stored?
7.           Describe a serious insect pest or disease for each fruit. Include when the problem occurs, damage caused, and natural or chemical treatment needed. Utilize pictures or drawings if possible.
8.           Take a soil test from a garden and determine which fruits will grow there. Ask for fertilizer recommendations for one of the crops and determine the cost of fertilizer needed for six 30-meter rows.
NOTE:   This Honor involves the growing of fruits produced on plants, brambles or vines. Fruits produced on trees are dealt with in the Fruit Growing Honor.