Cultural Heritage






Category: Outreach (NAD) / Arts Crafts, & Hobbies (GC)
Skill Level:  NA
Original Honor:  UNK
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Originating Institution:  South Pacific Division


1.1. Outline why it is important to know about our cultural heritage.

2. List the special ceremonies for

a. The birth of a child.

b. Becoming an adult.

c. Death and burial.

3. Do the following:

a. List the customary ways of dressing for everyday life and two special occasions.

b.  Draw, explain or present in pictures these customary dresses.

4. What is or was the customary pre-marriages for young people in your area? How is/was marriage arranged?

5. List the advantages of traditional marriages over western style marriages and courtship.

6. Do the following:

a. Explain briefly the meaning of the term ?bride price.?

b. What are the advantages of bride price.

c.  Explain the disadvantages of bride price.

7. Explain the leadership structure in your village area. (Include the chiefly system and the extended family.)