Preach It!

Category: Outreach
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2009
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Originating Institution:  North American Division


(instructor required)*

Note: Unlike many AY Honors, this honor does not have “knowledge” requirements categorized separately from action requirements. Rather, the requirements for honor completion are listed categorically.


1. Spiritual Preparation

a. What is intentional spiritual preparation?
b. Discuss with your instructor the role of spiritual preparation in Evangelism.

2. Seed Sowing

a. What is seed sowing?
b. Name 5 examples of “seed sowing”
c. Participate in at least one “seed sowing” event

3. Invitation — Demonstrate and/or explain three ways to invite someone to an evangelistic meeting.

4. Understand a Budget

a. Develop a budget with the Pastor or your evangelistic team leader
b. Know how much money you have to work with and how to adjust your planning based on your budget
c. Unless it is already available at your venue, find out the costs of:

Printed materials
Mailing and postage costs
Radio announcements
Building rent

5. Know the law/code regarding holding public meetings in your area.

6. Equipment Knowledge

List, describe the use of, and specialized care for the equipment needed in a media based evangelistic series, such as the following:

Know proper care of equipment
How to protect from dust (especially in 3rd world countries)
Demonstrate the ability to properly connect to a computer and operate the computer
Know proper care (protection from dust etc.)
Demonstrate the ability to hook up and use a projector.
Understand the program for using a “split screen”
Be familiar with the various plug adapters for use in other countries
Power Inverter

7. Sermon Preparation — Using Media type split-screen computer evangelist sermons:

a. Demonstrate the ability to edit
b. Use the “1st-time translation sheet” and learn spacing
c. Work with a translator*
d. Practice the sermon 3-5 times out loud with a translator*
e. Work with your instructor for advice and input to improve your presentation.

8. Getting Decisions — Alter Calls

a. What is an altar call?
b. What are some key ingredients of an altar call?

9. Present a five-minute sermon you have edited

10. Evangelist Meeting Follow-up 

What does the term Disciple mean?
What was Christ method of discipling?
Name five things a church can do to disciple a new believer


Instructor Requirements:

a. An adult who has preaching skills OR
b. Any holder of the advanced Preach It honor OR
c. Your pastor