Small Group Bible Study, Advanced

Small Group Bible Study advanced honor

 Skill Level:  3
Category:  Spiritual Growth, Outreach, and Heritage
Original Honor:  2016

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Originating Institution: North American Division



1. Have the Small Group Bible Study honor.

2. At what point should a small group leader multiply the group into more, smaller groups?

3. What is a good minimum group size? Why should very small groups meet in public places and what constitutes a public place?

4. How should a leader deal with the situation when only one other member shows up for the study?

5. Select a Bible study template that can be used to conduct a small group Bible study series on one of the following topics:

a. Bible heroes
b. Topics relevant to teen spiritual growth
c. Topics that give spiritual guidance
d. How to share Jesus in school, at work, or with friends
e. Some of the 28 fundamental beliefs

6. Develop the study series based on your selected template.

7. Lead a small group Bible study for at least eight sessions using the outline created in the previous requirement.