Power Boating

Power Boating

Category: Recreation
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1975
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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1. Have the Advanced Beginner’s Level of the Swimming Honor.

2. Know the laws regulating pleasure boating in your state or province.

3. Know what hazards of weather can affect boating safety and performance.

4. Know the nautical rules of the road and waterway aids to navigation.

5. Know what safety equipment, signaling devices, and lights are required on Class A and Class 1 boats.

6. Know and practice boating safety rules.

7. What should the passengers do if the boat capsizes?

8. What is the General Prudential Rule?

9.      Know the meaning of the following boating terms:

a.       Abaft
b.      Abeam
c.       Aboard
d.      Aft or After
e.       Amidships
f.       Astern
g.      Beam
h.      Below
i.        Bend
j.        Bilge
k.      Bow
l.        Bulkhead
m.    Cleats
n.      Draft
o.      Freeboard
p.      Keel
q.      Leeward
r.        Port
s.       Starboard
t.        Stern
u.      Trim
v.      Windward

10. Show how to properly operate a power boat by doing the following:

a.       Assist in putting a boat in the water from a boat trailer.
b.      Check for all safety equipment. Check fuel and motor.
c.       Start motor and get underway from a beach or dock.
d.      Drive boat in a straight line for one-fourth of a mile. Make a 90-degree turn to the left and right. Make a 180-degree turn.
e.       From a stop, drop and retrieve the anchor.
f.       Dock or beach with proper tie up.
g.      Assist in loading a boat from the water onto a boat trailer.

11. Know how to prepare and store a boat and motor for the offseason.