Softball Slow-Pitch

Softball Slow Pitch

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2007
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Originating Institution:  North American Division



1.      Know the basic rules of slow-pitch softball.

2.      What is the meaning of Good Sportsmanship?

3.      Name and demonstrate your understanding of the skills required for the ten (10) softball playing positions.

4.      Identify the following:

a.       Bat
b.      On deck circle
c.       Batter’s box
d.      Outfield
e.       Coaches’ box
f.       Pitcher’s mound
g.      Diamond Bags
h.      Pitching rubber
i.        Glove
j.        Right field
k.      Home base
l.        Left field
m.    Infield
n.      Softball

5.      Define or explain the following game terms:

a.       Bases Loaded
b.      Home team
c.       Bunt
d.      Innings
e.       Fielder’s choice
f.       Lineup
g.      Fly Ball
h.      Popup
i.        Force Play
j.        Run
k.      Foul tip
l.        Score
m.    Grand Slam
n.      Strike zone
o.      Grounder
p.      The count
q.      Home run
r.        Walk
6.      Explain the following official’s calls or rules:
a.       Double Play
b.      Ground rule double
c.       Error
d.      Infield fly rule
e.       Fair ball
f.       Out
g.      Foul ball
h.      Safe

7.      Demonstrate the ability to read a basic scorecard that was scored in a game you participated in.

8.      List and describe five (5) responsibilities of an umpire.

9.      Name 5 mental and physical attributes to be gained from slow-pitch softball.

10. As a team or individual, develop a plan to practice outreach while completing the requirements for this honor. Possible options could include the following:

a.       Invite 3 friends not from your church to play a game.
b.      Have prayer before each game.
c.       Exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play.

11. Play three (3) slow-pitch official games with an umpire and demonstrate reasonable skills.

12. Write a one page report on a famous athlete. Discuss why they are or are not a good Christian role model.

13. Discuss with your Pathfinder leader, pastor or teacher the problems facing a Seventh-day Adventist youth considering participating in sports in Jr. High, High School of college. What alternatives are there to allow for continued activity in sports?