Small Engines

Category: Vocational 
Master:  Technician
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1975
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Originating Institution:   General Conference


1.  Describe the design and operation of the two-cycle engine and the four-cycle engine.

2. Name the parts of the two-cycle engine and tell what each part does.

3. List four basic fuels used in small engines, and explain their use.

4. Show care and safety in fuel handling and storage.

5. Describe three types of ignition systems.

6. Explain why gasoline is an improper cleaning fluid.

7. List two acceptable cleaning fluids for small engines.

8. List and tell how three basic lubrication systems operate.

9. List in order the steps of a general trouble-shooting procedure.

10. Demonstrate that you can overhaul, inspect, and properly tune any small engine.

11. Demonstrate that you know how to test and clean spark plugs and glo plugs.