Category: Vocational 
Master:  Technician
Skill Level:  UNK
Original Honor:  UNK
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Wikibooks.org Article/Answer Key Upholstery
Originating Institution:   South Pacific Division


1. Know five of the following terms used in upholstery to describe the tools and give their uses:

a. Tack Claw
b. Staple Remover
c. Regulator, Mattress Needle
d. Magnetic Hammer
e. Sharp Knife or ?Snap? blade knife
f. Work Table
g. Industrial Sewing Machine
h. Sundry Items.

2. Explain the use of the following items:

a. Webbing
b. Staples and Tacks
c. Hessian
d. Buttoning Cord or Waxed Flax
e. Calico
f. Fibre
g. Flock
h. Foam Sheeting
i. Glues
j. Back Tacking Strip.

3. Name two types of material used for upholstery.

4. Explain how to fit the top cover to a lid.

5. What is the name of the material used for the base of lounges and the base of your box etc., and what is its purpose?

6. Name two methods of attaching covers to chairs.

7. Complete a or b:

a.  Ottoman
b. Toybox

8. Complete a Feature Panel.