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Category: Vocational 
Master:  Technician
Skill Level:  UNK
Original Honor:  UNK
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Originating Institution:   South Pacific Division


1. Be familiar with the type of videos available. Know the difference between VHS-C and Video 8 tapes.

2. Identify the following parts on a video camera and know how to use them:

a. Viewfinder

b. Record button

c. Lens

d. Zoom button

e. Power on/off switch

f. Manual focus and zoom levers/rings

g. Tape loading door

h. Time lapse switch

3. Know what the viewfinder messages mean.

4. Identify and change the battery. Know how to charge up the battery and when to replace-recharge the battery. Know how to get the best life from the Ni-cad battery.

5. How else can the camera be powered?

6. Video a five minute segment then view with your instructor. Discuss your tech- nique including the following and learn how to correct if necessary:

a. Zooming

b. Lighting

c. Panning

d. Steadiness of camera

7. Demonstrate how to set up and use a tripod.

8. Demonstrate how to edit video using a VCR by editing segment taken for require- ment 6.

9. Demonstrate your ability to use titles and design your own by hand or computer.

10. Complete one of the following and show it in a public place. Length of video clip must be 4-7 minutes.

a. Object lesson

b. Music video clip

c. Bible story (dramatized, puppets, acted etc.)

d. Nature

e. Modern life dilemma

f. Advertisement for church program, publication, etc.