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NEW Pathfinder Bible from GC Youth Ministries

NEW Pathfinder BibleHave you wanted a Bible SPECIFICALLY for Pathfinders? One with the Pledge & Law, as well as other tools essential to a Pathfinder's experience?


See what the NEW Pathfinder Bible (2014) has to offer with 28 pages of special inserts, including: Honors check-off pages; birds, knots, plants, and coins information; charts and study tools for deeper Bible exploration. Available in English, Spanish and French.


ANN - Pastor Jonatan Tejel, General Conference Pathfinder Director, tells us about the Bible - Youtube

Promo (share at Pathfinder Meeting or for fundraising) Youtube or Vimeo


Purchase it. 


Common Questions:

  • Which Pathfinder Bible is the "official Pathfinder Bible Experience Bible"?
    English - New King James Version (1982).  Both the New Pathfinder Bible and the "old" Pathfinder Bible are the same (and only) edition of the New King James Version.  The official Spanish translation for PBE is the Reina-Valera 1995.  Both the New Pathfinder Bible and the standard translation are the RV1995.
  • Is it available in Spanish or French?
    Yes, it is available in Spanish and French.  It is also available in a variety of leatherette colored covers.
  • Can I still purchase the OLD "inexpensive" Bible?
    Yes, their new shipment arrives soon!  Link here.