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2017 PBE Final Results & Team Photos

Joshua Angels Team PBE 2017We are incredibly excited and amazed with how God led hundreds of young people deep into the Bible - the Pauline Epistles during the 2016-2017 PBE season.  April 22 2017, 80 teams met in Chicago, IL for the sixth annual NAD Division Testing event.  

All Teams who tested at the Division event are included in the following list by union and conference, with their placement.  Placement is based on the following metric:  First Place=90% correct of top scoring team's score;  Second Place=80% correct from top scoring team's score; Third Place=70% correct from top scoring team's score.

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Team Photos


Atlantic Union (1)

Southern New England (1)

Braintree Flames First Place


British Union, UK (8)

South England Conference (8)

Blessed Hope Team 1 First Place

Filipino International, FIC Osprey Team 1-  Amethyst First Place

Filipino International, FIC Osprey Team 2 - Sapphire First Place

Filipino International, FIC Osprey Team 3 - Topaz First Place

Filipino International, FIC Osprey Team 4 - Jasper First Place

Lea Valley First Place

Stanborough Saints First Place

Stanborough Stars First Place


Columbia Union (16)

Allegheny East (2)

Genesis SDA NJ Jaguars Second Place

Liberty Light Bearers Gold First Place 

Chesapeake Conference (2)

Pikesville Tigers Second Place

Triadelphia Sparks First Place 

New Jersey Conference (5)

Piscataway Eagles Amethyst First Place

Piscataway Eagles Onyx First Place

Piscataway Eagles Ruby First Place 

Piscataway Eagles Sapphire First Place 

New Brunswick English Joshua Angels Second Place 

Ohio Conference (2)

Akron Crusaders Didaskalia First Place

Akron Crusaders Epistles Second Place

Pennsylvania Conference (2)

Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets Team A Second Place

Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets Team B Second Place

Potomac Conference (3)

Beltsville Broncos Faithfulness First Place

Beltsville Broncos Joy Second Place

Beltsville Broncos Peace First Place


Lake Union (8)

Indiana Conference (2)

Carmel Conquerors Second Place

Southeastern Soldiers Second Place 

Michigan Conference (5)

Centreville Sentinels Third Place

Eau Claire Critters First Place

Lansing Capitals Team A First Place

Lansing Capitals Team A First Place

Pioneer Memorial, PMC Evergreen Pathfinders First Place

Wisconsin Conference (1)

Monroe Trailblazers First Place


Mid America Union (5)

Iowa-Missouri Conference (4)

Ankeny Son-Seekers Team A First Place

Ankeny Son-Seekers Team B Second Place

Des Moines Spanish Golden Eagles Second Place

Joplin Jaguars / Neosho Ocelots Second Place

Minnesota Conference (1) 

Kenyan Comunity KCC Crew The Eagles First Place


North Pacific Union (8)

Oregon Conference (2)

Fort Vancouver Second Place

Pleasant Valley Panthers Truth Travelers Second Place

Upper Columbia Conference (2)

Hayden Lake Ponderosa Pathfinders First Place

Walla Walla Sunrise Second Place


Washington Conference (4)

Chehalis Mountaineers The Messengers First Place

Chehalis Mountaineers The Pauliticians First Place

Cascade Eagles First Place

Startup Evergreens Second Place


Pacific Union (7)

Arizona Conference (3)

Christian Warriors Team B First Place

Shalom Knights of God First Place

Tucson Thunder Chosen Ones Second Place 

Nevada/Utah Conference (3)

Elko Gold, First Place

Emmanuel Dios con nosotros Second Place

Emmanuel Generación Escogida Second Place

Paradise/Centenni al Hills, Shiloh/Zion Diamonds, Team A Second Place

Northern California Conference (1)

Paradise Prayer Warriors #1 First Place


SDA Church In Canada (8)

Ontario Conference (5)

College Park, Durham Trailblazers Team A First Place

College Park, Durham Trailblazers Team B First Place

College Park, Durham Trailblazers Team C First Place

Mount Zion Filipino Maharlika Team A Second Place

Mount Zion Filipino Maharlika Team B Second Place

Quebec Conference (3)

Beer-Scheba Sinai Dynamite Second Place

Romanian Lightening, English Second Place

Romanian Lightening, Francis Second Place


Southern Union (12)

Carolina Conference (1)

Charlotte Sharon Flyers  First Place

Florida Conference (7)

1st SDA Church of West Palm Beach First Place

Bethesda Eagles French Team A First Place

Bethesda Eagles French Team B First Place

Eliathah Envoys First Place

Hialeah Springs Spanish Team A First Place

Miami Spanish Central First Place

Plantation Messengers First Place

Georgia- Cumberland Conference (3)

Kingsport Warriors Ambassadors First Place

Kingsport Warriors Swords First Place

McDonald Road Hawks First Place

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference (1)

Murfreesboro Armor Bearers First Place


Southwestern Union (6)

Oklahoma Conference (1)

Adventist Fellowship Tulsa Twisters First Place

Texas Conference (4)

Bellaire Eagles Team A First Place

Crosswalk Pathfinders First Place

DFW Fil-Am Tamaraw Team A First Place

Fairview Flames First Place

Texico Conference (1)

Western Eagles Zion Second Place