Pathfinders The Basics

Uniform Policy History


Early history of the uniform is still being researched. Additional information will be added in later editions.

In the early years, neckerchief colors related to the class level you had achieved. So in the illustration to the left, the young lady has completed her Companion class and the young man has completed his Explorer class.

Also during those years the female teens and staff wore white blouses rather than green.

During the 1990’s, a number of conferences had made requests to the division for permission to have additional styles of lower uniform. Many were requesting slacks for ladies. Others, primarily in southern climates, wanted Bermuda shorts. Still, others felt that modesty issues for female Pathfinders on campouts could be addressed by adopting skorts or culottes. In addition to these style requests, there were concerns about the cost of the uniform. Cheaper uniform pants and skirts could be found at school uniform suppliers, but it was almost impossible to find them in the proper hue of dark green. Extremes on size, either small or large, were also difficult to address.

After several years of study and discussion, the vote was taken to switch from dark green to black. Clubs were given four years to make the switch, with the entire division to be on board at the 2004 Faith on Fire Camporee in Oshkosh.

All involved in the action recognized that it would be impractical and cost prohibitive for AdventSource to carry all the possible styles that conferences might choose to adopt, but the feeling was that most conferences would use slacks for males and either slacks or a-line skirts for females, and that AdventSource should carry those standard styles. Time has shown this to be correct.

While AdventSource would carry slacks for males and slacks and skirts for females, this action would also make it possible for many individuals, clubs, and conferences to purchases slacks and skirts from local uniform suppliers as well as adopt other styles appropriate for and approved by their conference. Many Pathfinders already had black slacks or skirts as part of school uniforms.