Drawing, Advanced

 Skill Level:  3
Original Honor:  2013 (Originally part of Drawing and Painting)
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Originating Institution: North American Division



1.Have the Drawing honor.

2.Who was Albret Durer and what was his contribution to drawing?   

3.Give 3 examples of contemporary Artists known for their drawing skills.     

4. Draw a landscape using multi-media. 

5.Using 3 different media for each, draw 3 of the following:

a.Still Life





6.Choose one of the subjects in #5, and create a drawing at least 12 x 18” in pencil.  Concentrate on good perspective and depth.  Then, using pencil, shade in your work with a minimum of 6-8 changes in value.  Be sure to sign your work.  When finished, display your work in a public venue.

7.Memorize Psalm 104:24.  Discuss how this verse relates to your drawing and how can it inspire your future works of art.