Flower Arrangement

 Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Name six perennials and six annuals suitable for indoor flower arrangement.

2. Name at least three flowers that bloom in the spring or early summer suitable for indoor flower arrangement.

3. Name at least three flowers that do not keep well when cut, and three that do.

4. Give six suggestions regarding the cutting of flowers and their aftercare, such as when to cut, how to cut, and how to keep.

5. At what stage of development should roses, gladioluses, and dahlias be cut?

6. Give three suggestions on the relation of containers to the flowers used, and three on the relation of arrangement to the room and furnishings.

7. In flower arrangement, what should be the relation of dark and light shades, large and small flowers, open and partly open flowers?

8. Make two artistic flower arrangements in each of the following areas: (Fresh or silk flowers may be used.)

a. Table decoration

b. General house use

c. Public service

9. What are some wild flowers that could be used in arrangements for the home?  What combinations of these flowers can be used?