Soap Craft, Advanced

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1964

AdventSource Honors Handbook PDF 
AdventSource Catalog: Advanced Star Order (must have approved order login) (link from AdventSource) Article/Answer Key 
Originating Institution:  General Conference

These requirements differ from the GC edition.  These requirements are for the NAD.  The patch for the GC and NAD honor requirements is the SAME.

  1. Have the Soap Craft Honor.

  2. What safety equipment should be used when making soap with and without lye?

  3. Name three types of Lye and explain what lye is and why it is needed to make soap.

  4. Describe what happens when a strong base is added to an oil or fat. What is it called?

  5. What makes “hard” soap versus “soft” soap?

  6. What types of fats can be used in making soap?

  7. What is used in making soap transparent?

  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of soap and detergent?

  9. Learn the following verses: Jeremiah 2:22, Malachi 3:2.

  10. Identify some things that can be added to soap.

  11. What can be used as soap molds? Discuss what should not be used and why.

  12. Describe six methods of making soap. Note which ones do not require the use of lye, why?

  13. Make two soap projects. One using the melt and pour method and the other using the rebatching method.

  14. Do one of the following:

    a. Visit a soap-making establishment, commercial or non-commercial.


    b. Watch a video about how cold process soap is made.

    c. Write a report, tell a story, or use some other creative means to explain how soap is made.