Duct Tape

Duct Tape AY honor

 Skill Level:  1
Category:  Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies
Original Honor:  2016

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Originating Institution: North American Division



1. List or explain the components of duct tape.

2. Give a 3-5 minute report or create a timeline about the history and development of duct tape.

3. Name three uses of duct tape.

4. List at least three ways that duct tape is used in a professional setting.

5. Outline duct tape safety rules as they relate to general duct tape usage, usage recreationally among young people, and in a craft setting.

6. Demonstrate the ability to tear pieces of duct tape, by hand, in the following lengths without the aid of a knife, scissors, or any other cutting instrument. The tape must
not get tangled up or wrinkled.

a. 15 cm (6 inches)
b. 60 cm (2 feet)
c. 150 cm (5 feet)

7. Create a toolkit with the basic items needed for duct tape crafts, including at least three colors/designs of duct tape, a cutting mat, scissors, a utility knife, and tools for
residue removal. Demonstrate the ability to use each tool.

8. Create five items from duct tape such as:

a. Wallet or purse
b. Basket or tote
c. A wearable piece of clothing
d. Holiday decorations
e. Christmas wrapping or bows
f. Simple flower arrangement
g. Toy
h. Item of your choice

9. Build a boat that will float a 2 kg (5 lb) sack of flour for five minutes while preventing the flour from getting wet. You may use other materials to create a frame,
but the majority of the hull should be made from duct tape.

10. Complete the following spiritual lessons on the “stickiness” of duct tape:

a. Read Daniel chapter 3 and discuss how duct tape can apply to God and the Hebrews in the story.
b. Memorize and recite Proverbs 18:24 and explain how duct tape applies to this verse.
c. Discuss in a group how sin can “stick” to you.
d. Memorize and recite James 4:7 and share your ideas on how sin can get unstuck in our lives.