Home Nursing

 Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Have the First Aid Honor.

2. What foods are included in the following diets:

a. Liquid 

b. Soft 

c. Light

d. Full

3. Know the symptoms of a fever. Know how to take person's temperature. Know how to bring a high temperature down.

4. Know what is a normal pulse rate, respiration rate, and temperature. Practice taking the pulse rate, respiration rate, and temperature of a friend or classmate.

5. What is a communicable disease? How is it transmitted? What precautions should be followed to guard against communicable diseases? List safety measures to be

observed when caring for a person with a communicable disease in the home.

6. What symptoms tell you that a person is physically ill?

7. Know how to help take care of a newborn and an aged person in your home.

8. Know when and how to wash your hands when caring for a sick person.

9. Know how to make a bedridden patient comfortable in bed. 10. Show how to feed a helpless patient in bed.

11. Show how to give liquid medicine and tablets, pills, or capsules to children and adults. Know how to properly apply eye drops.

12. Demonstrate the method of giving fomentations and foot baths. Explain the value of their use and tell the conditions under which such treatments should be given.

13. Demonstrate the application of a heating compress and the use of heat and cold for the treatment of inflammation and bruises.

14. Explain how the following natural remedies help in preventing disease:

Note how the first letter of each item spells NEW START.

a. Nutrition 

b. Exercise 

c. Water 


d. Sunshine 

e. Temperance

f. Air

g. Rest

h. Trust in God