Coral Reefs Advanced

Judges of Israel honor

Skill Level:  2
Category:  Nature
Original Honor:  2018

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Originating Institution: North American Division


  1. Earn the Coral Reefs honor.

  2. Snorkel or SCUBA dive (if SCUBA certified) in a reef community. Write a report about or present the following things (maps, photographs or drawings may help):
    a. The location of the reef.
    b. The date and duration of the visit.
    c. What did you do there?
    d. What new information did you learn about this type of habitat beyond what was learned in the basic level honor.
    e. Provide information about the specific reef you visited, noting any signs of bleaching.
    f. What measures were taken for your safety and the safety of the reef?
    g. What did you learn about God while visiting the reef?