Flower Culture

Flower Culture

Skill Level:  1
Category: Outdoor Industries
Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution:  General Conference



Category: Outdoor Industries

Level: Level 1

Year Introduced: 1938

Item Number: YOU5590

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.          What are perennials? Annuals? Biennials?
2.          Give general instructions for making a hotbed. What is the difference between a hotbed and a cold frame?
3.           What is drainage, and of what importance is it? How do you provide it?
4.          Name three plant pests and how to control them..
5.          Give instructions for making a window box, and tell its use.
6.          Name three kinds of fertilizers and give suggestions for their use.
7.          Prepare the soil, plant and grow to maturity three different kinds of annuals.
8.          Which three plant nutrients are most important to flowering plants?
9.          Care for two or more perennial flowers growing outdoors for one season. Maintain a written record with weekly entries listing work done.
10.       What is the purpose of soil test?

11.       Name three flowering plants adapted to each of the following conditions:

a.  Shade

b.  Dry soils

c.  Full sun

d.  Moist soils