Horse Husbandry

Horse Husbandry

Skill Level:  1
Category: Outdoor Industries
Original Honor:  1944

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Originating Institution:  General Conference




Category: Outdoor Industries

Level: Level 1

Year Introduced: 1944

Item Number: YOU5720

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.           What two lines of profit are derived by the use of specially selected mares.
2.           Why is it preferable to raise purebred colts rather than common grades?
3.           Name at least five points that are desirable in selecting a horse.
4.           What type of training will help colts to grow into gentle, dependable horses?
5.           Describe the proper care and feeding of horses.
6.           Know the parts of the halter, bridle, and saddle.
7.           Know how to properly put a halter, bridle, and saddle on a horse.
8.           Know how to properly care for the hoofs of a horse.
9.           Care for one or more colts or horses for at least one week.