Childcare (Babysitting)


 Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2001
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Originating Institution: Euro-Africa Division



  1. Be able to look after a baby during several hours in the absence of its mother.
  2. List all the precautions to be taken when preparing the babyís bottle; prepare it and give it to the baby.
  3. Prepare, bath, change and dress the baby.
  4. Prepare the babyís bed and put it to bed for the night.
  5. Know how to weigh a baby and to fill in the weigh schedule form.
  6. Explain why breast-feeding is superior to bottle-feeding.
  7. What is weaning?
  8. What is the fontanel (soft spot)? At about what age does it disappear?
  9. Interview staff at a local day care center regarding their organization and the help they offer to mothers.