Language Study

 Skill Level:  2

Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Read and translate from sight a passage of at least 300 words from a book or magazine in a language not native to you.

2. Carry on a simple but sustained conversation in a modern foreign language for a period of not less than five minutes.

3. Listen to an address or statement of not less than two minutes duration made by a person to whom the foreign language is a native tongue, and translate the same into your own language.

4. Write a simple letter in the foreign language of your choice, telling what contacts you have been able to make with persons whose native tongue is the language you have chosen.

5. Know and repeat from memory the Pathfinder Pledge and Law in this foreign language.

6. Write or tell orally about the foreign population in your vicinity and what opportunity you have to converse with those who speak the language you have studied.

Note: After your choice of a modern foreign language has been made, obtain a suitable textbook in that language and study it thoroughly.